Written in pencil in the sealed railway – car

यहाँ इस डिब्बे के भीतर

मैं हूँ इव

अपने बेटे आबेल के साथ

अगर आपने मेरे बड़े लड़के केन को देखा हो

जो कि आदम का बेटा है

तो उससे कहना कि मैं

Dan pagis : 1930-1986

यह कविता डैन पगीस ने लिखी है। पढ़ने पर लगता है कि यह तो अधूरी कविता है, लेकिन अधूरी है नहीं। बल्कि इसे बीसवीं सदी की महान कविताओं में से एक माना जाता है। यह सृष्टि के पहले परिवार की कथा है। यह सृष्टि के पहले हत्यारे और पहले “ हत ” की कहानी है।

ईश्वर ने आदम और ईव को स्वर्ग से निकाल दिया तो दोनों धरती पर रहने आ गए। यहाँ उनके दो बेटे हुए केन और आबेल। दोनों बड़े हुए , तो केन किसान बन गया और आबेल चरवाहा। दोनों ईश्वर की वंदना करते थे , लेकिन ईश्वर सिर्फ आबेल से प्रसन्न होता था, केन से नहीं। उसे यह बात बुरी लगती। एक दिन केन ने आबेल के कान में कुछ कहा। क्या कहा किसी को नहीं पता लेकिन जो कुछ कहा, उसे सुन आबेल बड़े भाई के साथ एक वीरान – सी जगह पर चला गया। वहाँ केन ने आबेल की हत्या कर दी। काफी समय तक जब आबेल की खबर नहीं मिली, तो ईश्वर ने केन से पूछा। उसने झूठ कह दिया कि उसे नहीं पता। ईश्वर को आबेल के खून के निशान मिल गए और सच्चाई जान उसने केन को पृथ्वी के किसी दूसरे हिस्से में निर्वासित कर दिया।



Be beyond somebody

Do you know about introvert ? Yes. That sounds good. Here I’m talking about myself. I’m an introvert , shy and Taciturn . I wanna ask you a question, being an introvert is a bad thing . We are in a world where you will find extrovert or ambivert people . There are few people who are an introvert.


my friends and nearest ones,

thought that I have too much of an ego or attitude,

but they actually don’t know who I am.

I found myself quite different from others,

but I’m living in a same world.

It’s always difficult to find someone,

who will read the unspoken lyrics of an introvert’s heart,

and understand his pain.

Yeah it’s true that I speak less than normal people,

I want myself alone and like silence.

Not because I’m afraid to choose mortals.

I don’t like talking and I prefer to say little,

because I don’t have any stories to tell.

That’s doesn’t mean that I’m an anti social.

I assure you that I’m not ignoring or boycotting anyone,

It’s just my nature. I just want you to know it’s not you, it’s me.

I can’t change myself. How can I ?


Heaven on the earth ( A trip to uttarakhand )

Few days later, (18th June 2018 to 23rd June 2018 ) I took my trip to uttarakhand . Every once in a while, the city closes in upon you and you choose to run after the sereneness of the outskirts, the hill stations, the backwaters, the mountains, don’t you?

I also visited uttarakhand recently , (which I mentioned above) and if you think this post is about how pretty the landscape is and quiet the hills are, you couldn’t be more wrong .

That time we felt like we were in Heaven, we totally forgot we had long journey . There was a lot of memorable things .

The place is great for a small rejuvenating break from the routine. Uttarakhand State, sculpted out of Uttar Pradesh is the Land of God’s. It is also house to the loveliest Valley of Flowers, not far from Badrinath in Garhwal region .

View was awesome in the morning and evening , able to saw & hear voice of small river water which was flowing some distance down from our village .

The road was scenic. We snaked our way through the narrow roads on the mighty brown mountains . I spent quality time doing birdwatching .

The memories will forever be remained etched in my heart .

Well , this is my first post related to photography. I’ve never had any professional camera. All I have is my phone’s camera. Here’s an image captured by me relating to nature’s beauty :

Hope you liked it . Please let me know all your reactions in the comment box.


A matter of opinion

We can see different types of people around us. Many people came to our life for some time and some for lifetime also……. They affect our way of thinking and thoughts as well.

There are so many people who really hurt you or offend you. But you can’t even tell them. After all we used to think that “ time heals all wounds ”………. Anyway, recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the notion that “time heals all wounds”. As a person who has been mentally and emotionally wounded quite a bit, this thought is something that I often return to, as I’m always curious if it’s true, and in what way. After all, if people are going to keep saying the same stupid thing to you over and over, shouldn’t there be a nugget of reality in there somewhere? Time doesn’t heal you, it distracts you from the pain until you forget about it, and you eventually feel brave enough to let another version of that pain come for you again. I guess that quote is just too big to put on a throw pillow. Always say to yourself whenever get dipressed , Nobody can hurt me without my permission…….

I was surrounded by the people of different mentality. What do I realise that……… something was comman in all they were running for pleasure , ambition , money and fun in order to get prosperity of cherish moment and they used to hide their identity and being fake , to be an icon .The most crucial lesson that I learnt so far…… is that how much time you spend with the person don’t matter but how much you learn from his experiences matters a lot.

We have to change our way of thinking…… As I grown up I realise that people who do something wrong with us their image are fixed in our mind and people who do something positive with us we just forget all about them. How silly we are……. Are we actually doing well ? Obviously NO , a big NO ……..

A person who do anything wrong we called them “ bad ” but actually they are not ……… I’m just trying to say that…. their work is bad . Isn’t their work who made him bad ?…….. If we separate both the things we realise that they are also “ good ” in nature.

We all have a lot of good people around us but in that “ good people ” ….. there are also a people who are “ strange ”……. We can’t examine them . It takes lot of effort and time to know all about them in terms of their attitude towards us , nature and other things …….

We want to stay in touch with our family and friends but we don’t want to be with that people anymore who are not there for us when we are in a problem or some difficulties ……… They are only with us because they are selfish…. And we all know that selfish people are dangerous for our health…..

I know , the stages of our lives have different turning phases , but the reinvigorating moment brought by those people who were stranger to us , so let’s we all say soulfully and heartly big thank you to them for showing us the path……….

We only have one life to live, and we can choose how we play it out. We learn, we grow, we falter, we fail, we make mistakes, but we never have just one chance………. We always have a chance to begin again, to start being who we want to be. We can lose ourselves and find ourselves again……. We can decide we are not the person we want to be, and better that, change that…….. So I will.……..

Life is hard when you think it is, but consider the possibility that you’re doing so much better than you give yourself credit for. Failure allows us to view what went wrong and instantaneously we look to the next venture aware of past mistakes or reflecting back on the previous experience.

If we can’t change the way we read,

How can we change the way we



Be a devil

Every individual on this earth, whether rich or poor, strong or weak, has to go through various ups and downs in his/her life. Everyone has to face various challenges in their lives. Some succumb to the atrocities in life and those who take up the challenges positively are the ones who become an inspiration for others. We all have certain capabilities in us and the only need is to realize them and work upon them.
There are many inspirational tales depicting the courage and strength of many inidividuals who have converted their disabilities into strengths and have created motivational and inspirational vision for others in life.

Here we will share the story of a hero, who needs no introduction because he had earned such big name that everyone knows about him. He is none other than JACK MA, the founder of Alibaba. The story of Jack Ma is the perfect example of perseverance and hard work.

Jack Ma was born to a below middle-class family of traditional Musicians-Storytellers and today he is a widely known Chinese business magnate and a generous philanthropist and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $21.7 Billion. He is also the richest man in China and the 36th richest person in the world. Jack Ma had developed a desire of learning English since a very early age. He used to travel to the nearby hotel on his bike each morning to converse with foreigners and guide them around the city. This way he developed a good knowledge of English. In his early childhood, Jack Ma failed in his Primary School examinations twice. Also, he failed thrice during his Middle School exams. As he grew up, after failing the university entrance exam thrice, Jack went on to attend the Hangzhou Normal University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in 1988.

Later, he went on to become a lecturer in English and International Trade at a monthly salary of $12 at the Hangzhou Dianzi University. He even applied for Harvard University ten times and got rejected ten times. After spending three years in the university he failed to get a job after applying to them 30 times. In an interview Jack said, “When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job. Twenty-three people were accepted. I was the only guy who wasn’t.” He was also one of the 5 applicants to a job in Police force and was the only one getting rejected after being told, “No, you’re no good.”

After ample of rejections, he never gave up. His turning point in life came when he visited US in 1995 and there he was first introduced to the internet and computers. At that time computers were rare in China. The first word he searched on the Mosaic browser was ‘Beer’, and it popped out results from different countries, but signs of China anywhere. He then searched ‘China’ and not a single result popped out! He decided it was time for China and its people to get on the Internet Finally, he persuaded 17 of his other friends to invest and join him in his new e-commerce startup – Alibaba, the company began from his apartment. Initially, Alibaba did not get ample of funds but later raised $20 Million from SoftBank and another $5 Million from Goldman Sachs in 1999. He overcame all his challenges in life and successfully started his company at the age of 31. Today, he runs one of the biggest E-commerce networks in the world.

He faced so many rejections in his life but never gave up his perseverance. His story is an inspiration for those who succumb to atrocities in life.

One must never give up on their hard work because later or sooner hard work always pays .



Thinking is a social activity. It is a major part of our life. We think and think and think…… {our desires, expectations and our fears} It gives us a goose bump, not just in our body but also in our soul and mind. Actually…. It affects our way of life. Here we are talking about positive and negative thinking.

#. Negative thinking

#. Positive thinking

# Negative thinking will affect our performance in many ways…….It creates many problems and conflicts in our mind. But it was actually an unrealistic wishful thinking……We are no longer able to do something. We are not in the position to talk to anyone.

# Positive thinking is not about expecting the best to happen…….It’s about accepting that whatever happens, happens for the best……. It makes us more confident, energetic and refreshing. We want to think about it at whole time……. When you think about more and more things you are liable to feel heavier and heavier……We have so many thoughts that we don’t understand, but they are running through our heads because they are interesting to think about.

Question : So which thinking is more reliable and relevant to us?

Of course positive thinking. There is no one who don’t like to be with positive thinking………. If we wanna stay out of negative thinking , we sometime used to not to think about that……

Question : But what will happen?

You can clearly see that how much we think that we don’t think about that. (our desires, expectations and fears) It comes more in our mind. And we are actually thinking about it more…..

“We can’t stop thinking about thinking”

Question : So what do we do?

In reality thought is a thought which is neutral. When we think that everything happens according to our choice, it doesn’t make sense….. Make your expectations zero or make realistic expectations. Everything happens for a reason……. Not to bother about anything or anyone. Make a zest for your life. Fill your life with positivity. But make sure that whatever you want to do, do it with your full will power. If we are extremely happy or extremely unhappy, we are not in the position to take any decision……… Understand that you are happy and you don’t want anyone or anything to make you happy……… Whatever you are thinking is just depend upon you and whether you take it or leave it…. is within you…….And one thing also ( last but not least ) spread happiness to all around you. As times goes on you will see that….. things go better a little bit more !!!!